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Jurassic Park icons

Because I'm in total obsessive fangeek mode, I spent the day making Jurassic Park icons. BEHOLD!

Also, note the new layout. xD Yes, I <3 the Dilophosaurus. Mwah.


More behind the cut...

01) 02) 03) 04) 05)

06) 07) 08) 09) 10)

11) 12) 13) 14) 15)


And, if you're interested, I AM taking requests for other JP icons. Not personalized, but if there's a specific scene/character/whatever you'd like me to make into an icon, let me know! I'm here to serve you. And I'm very very bored.

I plan on making the "Pirates of the Caribbean" line into an icon, once I can get Animation Shop working, or figure out a way to do it... Alas, the quote is too long. Also I hope to be able to make some icons of Book!Malcolm's quotes, because they own me. And just more Malcolm in general, because mmm, Jeff Goldblum.

Standard rules apply -- take as many as you like, comment with the ones you're using, credit ttc_graphics... and enjoy!
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